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Serenity Fields Country Event Venue

Copyright 2019

Located 5 miles SE of Ham Orchards / 30 miles SE of Dallas

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9355 County Road 313, Terrell, TX, 75161



At Serenity Fields one of our core competencies is that of repurposing.  All of our buildings are older structures, completely renovated using high quality construction methods.  Reclaimed materials including wood, metal, furniture and other decor are used whenever possible.  Repurposing is one of the three R’s for the environment: reduce, repurpose and recycle. The goal of the three R’s is to protect the planet by eliminating waste. Using something multiple times in a variety of ways reduces the amount tossed into landfills and decreases manufacturing needs. Repurposing also conserves resources and decreases harmful emissions— both good indicators that we're shrinking our carbon footprint.